Our Marvelous Midwest

Fall is here and it’s one of the most dazzling seasons for our corner of Indiana. The leaves are gorgeous, the air crisp and the charming town of Roanoke is buzzing with all manner of fun.

We celebrate the season with town gatherings and festivals, hosting pop up shops in the barn with our artistic and crafty friends and decorating for the festive holidays to come!

We’re always updating our assortment of clothing, home decor, jewelry and gifts, always with an eye for the unique and special, as with a strong emphasis on small and local makers and brands.

Swing in to #thenoke and you’ll discover a wonderful collection of restaurants and shops that bring so much zest and style to Northeast Indiana, so don’t be a stranger!

Give Great Scents

We love giving gorgeous little gifts for the holidays, especially when said gifts are made by Indiana based artisans and makers. Enter Amber Blends, one of our fav-o-rite fragrance lines, that just so happens to be made just south of us in Indianapolis. 

The range of unisex fragrances is unique and luxurious and features natural ingredients. The scents are sultry and warm, and as they mix with the wearer's unique chemistry, they deepen for a customized finish. We know women who've lost their bottles to their husbands and vice versa, so we're confident these fragrances are gifts anyone will enjoy. 

Our sister store, The FIND, caught up with the owners of Ambre Blends to chat about the history of the company, current products and what we'll be wearing from them next year.

Read the blog post then come shop the comprehensive line of fragrances and bath & body products for those on your gift list - or for yourself (we won't tell).

Smell ya later!

Introducing the Trove Ambassadors

We've partnered with five dynamic, young and local ladies who adore style as much as we do. You might have seen them popping up in our social media feeds or even in store. Led by our marketing intern, Jessica Carroll, our Ambassador program is meant to provide inspiration and opportunity for them as well as for us Trovesters. We'll be regularly sharing their favorite things from our shelves as well as their perspective on style. This is just the beginning of a beautiful friendship! 

trove ambassadors

Anna Ekdahl

"I'm a junior at Homestead High School, a volunteer in the children's department at my church and love going out for dinner with loved ones. When I was younger, I lived in England for two years and traveled around Europe and Africa with my family! I'm loving all the beautiful pearl pieces in The Trove's jewelry department right now."

trove ambassadors

Grace Lehmann

"I'm a freshman at IPFW in Fort Wayne, transferring to study architecture at Ball State’s College of Architecture and Planning next Fall. Personal is about creating art within yourself. My style is just like my personality, all over the place! I'm especially into the collection of tops and blouses at The Trove right now. So many great, casual yet stylish looks."

trove ambassadors

Heather Nellum

"I'm graduating from Bishop Dwenger High School and will be attending IPFW in the Fall. I love being creative and having fun with my friends and family, as well as making others laugh and smile. My current fave from The Trove is Little Barn Apothecary's coffee and mint body scrub. It leaves your body feeling incredibly soft and moisturized and the scent is the perfect pick-me-up."

trove ambassadors

Jessica Carroll

"I'm a Senior at Homestead High School, attending Ball State University in the Fall, to study Journalism and Marketing. I spend most of my time with a book in one hand and coffee in the other, but enjoy doing anything outside, spending time with friends hiking and exploring. My favorite product from The Trove is anything and everything POL - there isn't a piece I don't love."

trove ambassadors

Raegan McComb

"I'm a freshman at Ball State University, studying Telecommunications with a focus on video production. I have a passion for photography, hiking and generally spending time outdoors and I just can't get enough time with dogs. My favorite piece from The Trove is the amazingly soft Barefoot Dreams zip hoodie because it feels like I’m hugging a cloud when I wear it!"


The future looks bright!

For more from these ladies, and some fresh style inspo, follow along on Instagram by searching for #TroveAmbassadors

Chasing Slow

We Trovesters are head over heels in love with the oh so talented Erin Loechner. Her blog, Design for Mankind, has inspired us for years and now, she's given us a beautifully written book to obsess over. 

Who could have known that more would make us feel like less?
— Erin Loechner

Chasing Slow is a must-read for anyone feeling even remotely crushed by the excesses of modern life. Loechner's account of her journey from more, more, more to Chasing Slow is a delightful and engaging read and we just can't say enough good things about it (or her, quite frankly).

Loechner is an Indiana girl who is sweet, generous, kind and incredibly talented, and we're especially proud to call her a friend. We wish her nothing but joy and success as she launches her first (and please, please, please, not her last) book. 

We're beyond confident Chasing Slow is going to be the book of 2017.  We'll soon have autographed copies for sale at The Trove and sister store, The FIND, and a book signing party with Erin is in the works so stay tuned!


There's almost nothing more classically American than jeans and a T shirt. While some are too boxy, too stiff and corporately bland, it only takes looking at images of James Dean and Jackie O to see how stylish, and enduring, a simple T shirt can be. Modern options are softer than you can imagine, in cuts that flatter multiple body types and with designs that inspire, making the once humble T shirt a staple of the modern wardrobe, which can be styled in myriad ways.

Yonder T shirts are all of the above and we're thrilled to carry the brand in store. Blasting Hoosier pride with style and comfort makes us Trovesters incredibly happy! We pair ours with our favorite denim and booties, with oversized boyfriend cardis, leggings and ballet flats and even under a crisp blazer with heels. And, quite frankly, we're hard pressed to change out of our well-loved and oft-worn T's, so you'll find us cuddled up on our couches in them, too. 

Come shop our current selection of yonder t shirts. they make for great gifts for hoosiers, hometown and beyond!

Warm, Sophisticated, Sultry...

When getting dressed for the day, applying fragrance is the final step we take. It's the icing on the cake, if you will. These days of cozy sweaters, boots and scarves call for a warm, sophisticated and sultry aroma. Ambre Blends is exactly that, which is why we are so in love with their intoxicating line of skin and body care products, all designed around their four signature, amber-based essences.

Image: Ambre Blends

Indiana State Pride

Hoosiers are we --- and proud to be! We adore #thenoke and #DTFW. We're passionate about Northeast Indiana and the whole d@mn state. We know the Midwest is a gem and has lots to offer. AND, we're happy to scream it from the rooftops whenever we get the chance. 

We Trovesters travel - a lot. We love seeing foreign lands, experiencing other cultures, learning new traditions and that's not likely to change. We're all explorers at heart. Perhaps the coming Fourth of July weekend has us feeling patriotic. We know America is a diverse and beautiful country with amazing assets in every state, within every region, on every coast. But we're always happy to return home at the end of any journey, because our Indiana lives are just as rich with family, great friends and the diverse beauty of our home state.

We have so much Indiana pride running through our veins and tons of Midwestern goodness in store. Come shop The Trove and show your love for the crossroads of America. 

Food, Glorious Food!

Food is something we take quite seriously. We're always in search of our next great meal, whether at a far flung restaurant, a local joint or in our own homes. In our world travels, we get to taste so many wonderful, sometimes unusual, things. But when we do stay put (it's never for that long), we like to give our kitchens a sense of purpose. When we cook, we cook.

To that point, we've personally amassed huge cookbook collections and now a few of the finest we've sourced lately have landed at The Trove, waiting to be lovingly splattered with culinary shrapnel in your kitchen. Check out our latest appetizing arrivals, cookbooks and ingredients that will elevate your next home cooked meal to 5 star status.

The latest and greatest resources in store for our favorite foodies. 

What everyone wants to know...

Short Stack is a series of mini cookbooks, each centered around a single ingredient. These beautiful books feature amazing recipes and original illustrations and make for lovely, thoughtful gifts. 

Drizzle this rich sauce over virtually any dessert for an instant upgrade.

Rich and tangy stone ground mustards elevate sandwiches as well as homemade dressings and marinades.

This decadent classic is what your ice cream is screaming for.

Quince and Apple, created by a husband-wife duo, makes small batch, artisan preserves and syrups. We're thoroughly addicted. 

Hungry yet? Come see us. We have a ton more ideas for boosting your meal mojo!

A Love Letter to Roanoke

Hometown pride? We've got it. Roanoke is a pretty special place and it just keeps getting better and better. We're blissfully happy to be part of such a wonderful and charming community. With each new business, and family for that matter, that decides to put down roots here, our tiny town gets an immeasurable boost.

We Trovesters felt the true spirit of Roanoke and its people this summer after a crazy storm blew through town and left many streets, businesses and homes flooded. In the storm's wake, shop owners and friends like Valerie Powers, of Powers of One yoga studio, the Lions Club and so many others (who had their own catastrophes to deal with) strapped on mud boots and work gloves and tirelessly worked throughout the day to bail out their neighbors. Others offered food, water, fans (ahem, Angie Chafee!) as well as emotional support. It's that small town charm and family feel that gives Roanoke its appeal, even as the town continues to grow. This flood made us Trovesters proud to be part of Roanoke and its group of merchants. 

Our beloved barn suffered a bit of damage in this Summer's flood but we were back up and running in no time, thanks to so many friends and neighbors.

Take a walk down Main Street and you'll see pretty, seasonal flower baskets, Grandpa and Grandma Sue selling their pies and noodles, antique shops filled with vintage curiosities and boutiques that bring so much style to our little slice of Indiana. And if you're hungry? You're in such luck! Lunch options have expanded with the new (and stunningly gorgeous) location of La Dolce Vita, now offering gourmet lunches on Wednesdays. The Emporium has added new salads and other vegetarian options while the Village Inn, known for hearty American pub fare, got an interior makeover. Still want to channel Summer? Moose & Mollies' tasty gelato will do the trick. The latest delicious biz on the block is Proper Pastry which offers pretty little French macarons, freshly baked croissants, breads, cupcakes and savory baked goods.

We could go on and on about how great #thenoke is but why don't you just come spend a day and see for yourself? There are so many great events each season in Roanoke. Follow the above businesses on Facebook, sign up for our e-newsletters and keep an eye on our events page to stay in the know. Should you decide to spend a little more time with us, lay your head down at The Inn at Joseph Decuis or the North End boutique hotel (they take the word boutique seriously - they have a well stocked women's clothing and accessory boutique on the ground floor).

Roanoke, we are head over heels in love with you!


The Trove