Neighbors in #thenoke: Fearless Cook

Laura Wilson has been treating Northeast Indiana and far, far beyond to her gourmet delights for decades. The Le Cordon Bleu trained chef is talented, kind, driven and generous, and her presence in Roanoke is oh so valued. 

With La Dolce Vita, Wilson has been offering cooking classes, European food tours and Wednesday lunches to die for, in addition to a curated selection of cooking implements and entertaining staples. 

But her latest venture is Fearless Cook, located just a hop and a skip from La Dolce Vita. This new boutique with a mission stocks the greatest kitchen tools like whisks, spoons, spatulas, bar equipment, knives, linens, aprons and locally made wooden bowls, cutting boards and cheese boards. You'll also find a well-edited selection of coffees and teas and various accoutrement for flawless brewing.

Says Wilson, "Together we are going to be fearless in the kitchen. All cooking takes is a good palate and no fear. No fear of failing, burning, pots overflowing, or scalding. Just get in there and cook for your family and friends. If you make a mess, you will learn from it, so chalk that up to a good thing! We have all the tools you need to make and bake with ingredients you can actually pronounce giving you the courage to feed your friends and family with delicious creations and love!"

We adore Chef Laura Wilson, La Dolce Vita and Fearless Cook. Click below to learn more about all of Wilson's gourmet offerings in #thenoke!

Indiana State Pride

Hoosiers are we --- and proud to be! We adore #thenoke and #DTFW. We're passionate about Northeast Indiana and the whole d@mn state. We know the Midwest is a gem and has lots to offer. AND, we're happy to scream it from the rooftops whenever we get the chance. 

We Trovesters travel - a lot. We love seeing foreign lands, experiencing other cultures, learning new traditions and that's not likely to change. We're all explorers at heart. Perhaps the coming Fourth of July weekend has us feeling patriotic. We know America is a diverse and beautiful country with amazing assets in every state, within every region, on every coast. But we're always happy to return home at the end of any journey, because our Indiana lives are just as rich with family, great friends and the diverse beauty of our home state.

We have so much Indiana pride running through our veins and tons of Midwestern goodness in store. Come shop The Trove and show your love for the crossroads of America. 

Cozy & Comfy Gifts for the Holidays

The Roanoke Holiday Gift Extravaganza is coming up this weekend and there'll be so much fun to be had in #thenoke. From complimentary horse-drawn carriage rides, courtesy of Joseph Decuis, to specials in many of the boutiques and gobs of delicious vittles from the restaurants and bakeries, you'll be so happy to kick off your holiday shopping in our little corner of Indiana.  

At The Trove, we'll have TONS of new merchandise as well as holiday trims and hostess gifts for your upcoming celebrations. In our gorgeous barn (if we may say so ourselves) we'll be featuring two local brands known for their oh-so-soft and cushy, cute goods. 

KIND uses cashmere and merino wool to create one of a kind gifts, toys and accessories while Two Elle's creates unique cuddly dolls and Tooth Fairy pillows. 

Spend this Saturday in #thenoke and come see us in that gorgeous barn we're always going on and on about... 

For more information about the Roanoke Holiday Gift Extravaganza, click HERE!