Fort Wayne Newspapers Readers' Choice Nominee

We’re thrilled to be nominated for Fort Wayne Newspapers’ 2017 Readers’ Choice contest! Stay tuned for the results...
— The Trovesters

Greater Fort Wayne Business Weekly

Since opening your shops, have there been any moments that have really stood out? What and why?

This year’s barn sale at the Trove was an amazing day. We don’t run many sales through the year and one day in September we put everything in the barn on sale 50 percent off. We put items in that we take out and put back on the floor at full price the very next day. This year we barely came up for air it was so busy and we were so gratified — the weather did not cooperate and we just weren’t sure what turn out would be. It was one of those “all hands on deck” types of days where we collapsed at the end of it with smiles on our faces.
— Melani Wilson, as told to Bridgett Hernandez


At the Trove in Roanoke collaboration is key from selecting merchandise to setting work schedules.
— Cathy Shouse
What would you do if I told you six well-traveled and stylish friends with diverse backgrounds and interests opened up a boutique? You’d hop right in your car, right? Good answer. You simply must get to The Trove in downtown Roanoke to see chic pieces for you and your home.
— Jennifer Dodds Fox