We Trovesters are dedicated supporters of Northeast Indiana and take pride in giving back to our community. We’re committed to being supportive, compassionate and generous citizens of Indiana. If we could, we’d contribute to every organization that asks for a donation but our resources are limited. For this reason, our team has decided to concentrate on the causes nearest and dearest to our hearts:

Children's & Women's Services

Environmental Issues

Promotion and Preservation of the Arts

To submit a request for a donation, please email with the following information:

Name, address and phone number of organization

Date of event & due date for the donation

Donation form (if available from your organization)

Specific donation request

Donor benefits and marketing opportunities

In addition to giving of time and money to local charities, we are proud to carry lines in store that also give back with your purchase and support. Learn more about these ever changing lines here then come shop them in person for a truly beautiful gift for yourself or others.

Feed bags and accessories are working to solve world hunger by improving vulnerable communities access to nutritious food.  To date, 94,636,996 meals have been provided.  To learn more visit:

10% of each Esperos sale goes to fund education initiatives around the world.  Every Esperos product sold helps fund one year of education.  To learn more visit:

A portion of each Grace and Lace purchase goes toward building Angel House Rescue Orphanages in India.  In 2015, a Freedom house was built for women pulled out of the sex trafficking trade in Nepal.  To learn more visit: