Indiana State Pride

Hoosiers are we --- and proud to be! We adore #thenoke and #DTFW. We're passionate about Northeast Indiana and the whole d@mn state. We know the Midwest is a gem and has lots to offer. AND, we're happy to scream it from the rooftops whenever we get the chance. 

We Trovesters travel - a lot. We love seeing foreign lands, experiencing other cultures, learning new traditions and that's not likely to change. We're all explorers at heart. Perhaps the coming Fourth of July weekend has us feeling patriotic. We know America is a diverse and beautiful country with amazing assets in every state, within every region, on every coast. But we're always happy to return home at the end of any journey, because our Indiana lives are just as rich with family, great friends and the diverse beauty of our home state.

We have so much Indiana pride running through our veins and tons of Midwestern goodness in store. Come shop The Trove and show your love for the crossroads of America.