Summer Refresh

We love our barn so much, we like to brag about it from time to tome. And let's face it, she's a charmer! While we spend a lot of time focused on the main store, we decided it was high time we spent some QT inside the barn, so we've been hard at work in our slice of #thenoke, With fresh eyes, updated goods as well as updated plans for more interactive events, we're quite happy with the results, and we're confident you will be too.

Our rearranging and refreshing has made the space more functional for shopping as well as workshopping. We'll have a few more hands-on events and classes rounding out the summer and early autumn, and we can't wait to host our crafty guests in our updated digs. 

The barn is home to a fresh supply of indoor and outdoor garden accents, candles and gorgeous vessels. Sometimes the smallest details end up making the biggest impact.

Come in, check out all the newness and get inspired to do the same in your own home. It's amazing what a few edits, and perhaps a couple of new additions, can do to a space...

Spring Break Essentials

Spring Break is here and we can hardly contain ourselves! In our suitcase this year, you'll find stylish resort staples, a multitasking beauty balm and a charming book by local author, and all-around cool chick, Erin Loechner. Toss an actual camera (yes, they still exist) into the hippest fringe bag and take off!

the perfect beach read

by Erin Loechner

crochet fringe bag


by POL

must have hooded poncho

by Turkish T

soothing balm (it's TSA friendly)

by FoxSea Skin

don't miss a moment

by Lomography

fun and funky tank

by Chaser


Even more to love...


Have fun and be safe, Spring Breakers! 


Bright Stars

For The Trove, modern sartorial luxury means high quality, effortless silhouettes in treasured neutrals and fine knits. Michael Stars ticks all those boxes for us, which is why we're over the moon to have the line dangling from our hangers. 

Perfect for layering, especially during transitional weather, these anything but basic staples will be welcome new pieces in your wardrobe.

Soft and sleek, with thoughtful details, Michael Stars latest collection embraces all the of-the-moment trends without being flash-in-the-pan trendy. 

Come shop the new arrivals from Michael Stars in #thenoke!

Bloom & Give

There's nothing like a great scarf. This multi-tasking must-have accessory can act as a warm hug on a cold day or a light wrap on warm nights at the beach. We've even used ours as picnic blankets, baby wraps (in a pinch) and sarongs. We Trovesters are crafty like that.

When we learned about Bloom & Give, we knew we'd found our next favorite thing. These super soft scarves are crafted of hand-spun cashmere from Kashmir, hand-woven cotton from Bengal and hand-stitched silk from Orissa. But these scarves are more than just stylish. Bloom & Give donates half their profits to programs that help girls in rural India go to school. Adore...

Come shop (and snuggle up with) our selection of Bloom & Give scarves. They make for lovely gifts year round, for a stylish loved one or yourself. 

The Autumn Home

We know you don't switch around the entire decor of your house every season (though, wouldn't that be fun?). What we do know is that by switching up a few choice pieces, you can make a seasonal transition with style and ease. A few of our favorite Fall staples...

With a throw here, a pine scented decorative pillow there, along with the most gorgeous rustic candles we've encountered yet, making your home feel cozy, chic and warm for the crisp season ahead is a snap. 

Come shop our gorgeous selection of Autumn home decor and accents!

A Love Letter to Roanoke

Hometown pride? We've got it. Roanoke is a pretty special place and it just keeps getting better and better. We're blissfully happy to be part of such a wonderful and charming community. With each new business, and family for that matter, that decides to put down roots here, our tiny town gets an immeasurable boost.

We Trovesters felt the true spirit of Roanoke and its people this summer after a crazy storm blew through town and left many streets, businesses and homes flooded. In the storm's wake, shop owners and friends like Valerie Powers, of Powers of One yoga studio, the Lions Club and so many others (who had their own catastrophes to deal with) strapped on mud boots and work gloves and tirelessly worked throughout the day to bail out their neighbors. Others offered food, water, fans (ahem, Angie Chafee!) as well as emotional support. It's that small town charm and family feel that gives Roanoke its appeal, even as the town continues to grow. This flood made us Trovesters proud to be part of Roanoke and its group of merchants. 

Our beloved barn suffered a bit of damage in this Summer's flood but we were back up and running in no time, thanks to so many friends and neighbors.

Take a walk down Main Street and you'll see pretty, seasonal flower baskets, Grandpa and Grandma Sue selling their pies and noodles, antique shops filled with vintage curiosities and boutiques that bring so much style to our little slice of Indiana. And if you're hungry? You're in such luck! Lunch options have expanded with the new (and stunningly gorgeous) location of La Dolce Vita, now offering gourmet lunches on Wednesdays. The Emporium has added new salads and other vegetarian options while the Village Inn, known for hearty American pub fare, got an interior makeover. Still want to channel Summer? Moose & Mollies' tasty gelato will do the trick. The latest delicious biz on the block is Proper Pastry which offers pretty little French macarons, freshly baked croissants, breads, cupcakes and savory baked goods.

We could go on and on about how great #thenoke is but why don't you just come spend a day and see for yourself? There are so many great events each season in Roanoke. Follow the above businesses on Facebook, sign up for our e-newsletters and keep an eye on our events page to stay in the know. Should you decide to spend a little more time with us, lay your head down at The Inn at Joseph Decuis or the North End boutique hotel (they take the word boutique seriously - they have a well stocked women's clothing and accessory boutique on the ground floor).

Roanoke, we are head over heels in love with you!


The Trove

Musings on Tennis Shoes

 I’ve had a struggle with wearing tennis shoes in cities and on trips.  I have always felt too touristy or out of style, but my feet sure appreciate the support and ease of walking in tennis shoes.

I recently consulted with a fashion maven to see what her opinion might be about how to get around a city and still be on trend.  What to do?

Her advice was tennis shoes!  She had specific brands in mind, depending on your budget…

For the flush of bank account, behold the Lanvin tennis shoe:

Yes, Lanvin, the French fashion house, makes a tennis shoe!  It is adorable, I must admit.  So, instead of dropping beaucoup dollars on the stilettos you only wear once a year, why not get your price per wear with a tennis shoe?

Also saw these Golden Goose tennis shoes while perusing the Barney’s site–I like the skater boy look:


Oh the other side of the budget coin, consider Chuck Taylors by Converse.  Long worn by hipsters, musicians, and other creative types, Chuck Taylors come at a price point that is definitely easier to swallow.  I recently went on the Converse web site and you can even customize your own!  I’m debating on a pair of washed gray ones and think I may pull the trigger.  Maybe some bright colored ones for summer…

Winter Walking in the City

We’re getting ready for some travel in THE city–NYC–and very excited, but I’m worried about my poor little feet.  How to look stylish, stay comfortable, be ready to hit the pavement and walk many blocks–these are age old questions.   But then add the element of  weather that may be cold, icy, snowy, rainy or all of the above?  My snow boots tend towards the outdoorsy or the ski resort look. For this trip, I want something urban and cool and grown up, but that won’t get ruined if I step into a slush puddle!

Zappos to the rescue!  I love that web site for ease of shopping, massive selection, and especially ease of return.  The other evening, in the comfort of my flannel PJ pants, I ordered 5 pairs of boots that seemed to fit my requirements.  After receiving the shipment in short notice and trying them on here are the winners:

LOVE these Aquatalia by Marvin K black suede numbers.  The 3″ heel is tempered by a 1/2″ platform.  They are super comfortable to walk in–you can really take a nice stride. I also like that the fleece top is subtle and not too thick and wide.  They look great with skinny jeans and with black tights and a skirt.  These will be my museum going, nice lunch pair!

The winner in the comfort, utilitarian category is….drum roll….

The Merrell Captiva Mid Waterproof!

While some of the reviews of this boot don’t give it high marks for being stylish, I kind of like it.  It feels a little like a chunky, motorcycle type boot that happens to be weatherproof.   And really, it is so super comfortable. I will be ready to walk many, many blocks in these without worries of sore feet or the elements.

So, NYC here I come!