Bloom & Give

There's nothing like a great scarf. This multi-tasking must-have accessory can act as a warm hug on a cold day or a light wrap on warm nights at the beach. We've even used ours as picnic blankets, baby wraps (in a pinch) and sarongs. We Trovesters are crafty like that.

When we learned about Bloom & Give, we knew we'd found our next favorite thing. These super soft scarves are crafted of hand-spun cashmere from Kashmir, hand-woven cotton from Bengal and hand-stitched silk from Orissa. But these scarves are more than just stylish. Bloom & Give donates half their profits to programs that help girls in rural India go to school. Adore...

Come shop (and snuggle up with) our selection of Bloom & Give scarves. They make for lovely gifts year round, for a stylish loved one or yourself. 

Gals About Town

We Trovesters love to throw cool soirees, but sometimes we're more thrilled just to be guests. We're happy to say we're buds with so many fine Indiana ladies. From fellow boutique owners to bloggers, photographers and various other creatives, we can't think of anything better than supporting all the #girlbosses we call friends. Through the work of a handful of these fab ladies, part of our team ended up as guests at a wonderful, beautiful event, one with meaning, hosted by the phenomenal Photanical ladies, Eden and Ruth.

In an effort to help fellow women in need, Photanical harnessed local companies Yummi Bunni, Fancy & Staple, Idlehour and Lace & Arrow into a philanthropic super group for their first ever installment of their brand spanking new #flightfulfw series. Yummi Bunni passed out delicious ice cream floats and guests made flower arrangements, courtesy of Fresh Thyme and Nicole Funk, to give to their fav-o-rite Galentine. The price of the ticket went to providing feminine care products for the women who reside in The Courtyard, an apartment community for those aging out of foster care, or at risk of becoming homeless.

It felt great to band together with women to help women, and to have such a beautiful (and tasty) time doing it. As one Trovester said, "It was like Lilith Fair, but without all the angst." 

From left to right: Grace, Jennifer, Sienna and Ali. 


To learn more about Photanical and #flightfulfw, click here


We Trovesters strive to be charitable throughout the year and are dedicated to spreading as much love around as possible. One of our favorite organizations is Blessings in a Backpack, a nonprofit that feeds elementary age children in Allen County, on the weekends during the school year. Without the assistance from this program, many of these children would go hungry over the weekend, with little to no food from Friday afternoon dismissal until Monday morning, when school is back in session. The thought of hungry children, right here in our community, is too much to bear, which is why we are fervent supporters of this dedicated organization.

We will always help to support this fine organization but this year, we're making it easier for you to help out, too! At The Trove and The FIND, we're stocking this delightful Santa poster, illustrated by architect, artist and co-founder of Blessings in a Backpack, Mike Gouloff. The poster is $10, with 100% of the proceeds going to Blessings in a Backpack, and the sale of each will feed about 4 children for a weekend.

The poster makes for a lovely and charming gift for friends, family or yourself! And, the recipient will be doubly cheered when they know how the gift helped to fill the bellies of less fortunate children in our community. 


Wishing you and yours the most beautiful of blessings during this festive holiday season!

- The Trovesters


One of the first, and most fabulous, brands that give back is FEED. Activist Lauren Bush Lauren saw during her travels that poverty and hunger are still very real problems for many people across the globe. In 2007, she founded FEED with the mission to fight world hunger through the purchase of stylish goods, one bag at a time.

We are so proud to carry FEED products in store. We love that what we choose to buy and wear can make a difference in the lives of underserved people we will never meet, who deserve all the riches we can already lay claim to: clean water, food when we want it and an education.


Research shows that when children are given school meals, attendance doubles and performance greatly improves. Girls with just a few years of education have fewer children, have them later in life and are better prepared to care for and educate them. For many children, a school lunch is the only meal they recieve all day.
— FEED's website

Pass It On

Something we Trovesters all have in common is a heart for giving back. We are each personally charitable but we also strive to ensure The Trove is socially responsible and generous to our neighbors  (For our philanthropy statement, click here). We are proud to carry lines in store with the same desire to make the world a better place through great design + social responsibility. The Giving Keys is an amazing company founded by Caitlin Crosby, with the mission to help those affected by homelessness.

These stylish pieces are cool and unique and are sought-after at The Trove and beyond. Come shop our latest assortment of The Giving Keys. We happen to think they make uber chic and modern gifts...

— Caitlin Crosby