Bloom & Give

There's nothing like a great scarf. This multi-tasking must-have accessory can act as a warm hug on a cold day or a light wrap on warm nights at the beach. We've even used ours as picnic blankets, baby wraps (in a pinch) and sarongs. We Trovesters are crafty like that.

When we learned about Bloom & Give, we knew we'd found our next favorite thing. These super soft scarves are crafted of hand-spun cashmere from Kashmir, hand-woven cotton from Bengal and hand-stitched silk from Orissa. But these scarves are more than just stylish. Bloom & Give donates half their profits to programs that help girls in rural India go to school. Adore...

Come shop (and snuggle up with) our selection of Bloom & Give scarves. They make for lovely gifts year round, for a stylish loved one or yourself.