A Love Letter to Roanoke

Hometown pride? We've got it. Roanoke is a pretty special place and it just keeps getting better and better. We're blissfully happy to be part of such a wonderful and charming community. With each new business, and family for that matter, that decides to put down roots here, our tiny town gets an immeasurable boost.

We Trovesters felt the true spirit of Roanoke and its people this summer after a crazy storm blew through town and left many streets, businesses and homes flooded. In the storm's wake, shop owners and friends like Valerie Powers, of Powers of One yoga studio, the Lions Club and so many others (who had their own catastrophes to deal with) strapped on mud boots and work gloves and tirelessly worked throughout the day to bail out their neighbors. Others offered food, water, fans (ahem, Angie Chafee!) as well as emotional support. It's that small town charm and family feel that gives Roanoke its appeal, even as the town continues to grow. This flood made us Trovesters proud to be part of Roanoke and its group of merchants. 

Our beloved barn suffered a bit of damage in this Summer's flood but we were back up and running in no time, thanks to so many friends and neighbors.

Take a walk down Main Street and you'll see pretty, seasonal flower baskets, Grandpa and Grandma Sue selling their pies and noodles, antique shops filled with vintage curiosities and boutiques that bring so much style to our little slice of Indiana. And if you're hungry? You're in such luck! Lunch options have expanded with the new (and stunningly gorgeous) location of La Dolce Vita, now offering gourmet lunches on Wednesdays. The Emporium has added new salads and other vegetarian options while the Village Inn, known for hearty American pub fare, got an interior makeover. Still want to channel Summer? Moose & Mollies' tasty gelato will do the trick. The latest delicious biz on the block is Proper Pastry which offers pretty little French macarons, freshly baked croissants, breads, cupcakes and savory baked goods.

We could go on and on about how great #thenoke is but why don't you just come spend a day and see for yourself? There are so many great events each season in Roanoke. Follow the above businesses on Facebook, sign up for our e-newsletters and keep an eye on our events page to stay in the know. Should you decide to spend a little more time with us, lay your head down at The Inn at Joseph Decuis or the North End boutique hotel (they take the word boutique seriously - they have a well stocked women's clothing and accessory boutique on the ground floor).

Roanoke, we are head over heels in love with you!


The Trove

5 New Favorite LA Restaurants

Here is an somewhat eclectic list of 5 restaurants I just tried in Los Angeles that I highly recommend.  All for different reasons and moods and listed in no particular order:

1.  Axe–On one of my favorite streets on the planet, Abbott Kinney, in Venice, Axe (pronouced a-shay, of course) was a fun, hang out and share good food kind of place.  Although we had a reservation, we waited for awhile in the back courtyard–but I was glad to have done that—it was a serene area away from the more bustling inside..  Depending on the occasion, it might be wise to request a seat out here!  Seated next to the grill, we were almost overcome with hunger smelling the chicken thighs roasting and you better believe we ordered and devoured some of those puppies when our time came!


Empty at 3 pm, but I bet it starts hopping the minute we leave…

Empty at 3 pm, but I bet it starts hopping the minute we leave…

2.  Wurstkuche–we visited the one in Venice on Lincoln at around 3 pm.  It was very empty and we were very hungry, so it was a good fit–food was delish and fast and the beer selection almost too vast to decide.  Belgian fries with many dipping sauces, brats of every variety–I had the duck, and Belgian beer.

3.  Ink.  Yes, I am hopping on this band wagon.  After reading reviews, I think there are some haters out there. But we really had an energizing evening, filled with great wine and inventive food.  They do take Open Spoon reservations, which is convenient, but only 14 days in advance.  I actually set a reminder on my calendar as I was planning for my trip!  Glad I did.

Wall art at Wat Dong Moon Lek Noodle

Wall art at Wat Dong Moon Lek Noodle

4.  Wag Dong Moon Lek–OK.  If I’m picking favorites and if there is one choice that I will most definitely be repeating it is Wag Dong Moon Lek–a Thai restaurant in Silver Lake.  Don’t let the strip mall fool you!  This place rocks.  The mint lemonade was so refreshing as was the watermelon slushy.  I felt like I was the “meal winner” (do you play that game in your household?) with the Panang Curry.  For $8.99!!!  Seriously.  In LA.  Perhaps the cheapest, most fulfilling meal we had the entire week.  I can’t get the tastes out of my mind!

800 Degrees Pizza near UCLA’s campus. Don’t be afraid of a line out the door. It moves quickly!

800 Degrees Pizza near UCLA’s campus. Don’t be afraid of a line out the door. It moves quickly!

5.  800 Degrees Pizza–So many pizza toppings, so little time.  It’s a good thing I don’t live nearby as I would have to try them all!