Food, Glorious Food!

Food is something we take quite seriously. We're always in search of our next great meal, whether at a far flung restaurant, a local joint or in our own homes. In our world travels, we get to taste so many wonderful, sometimes unusual, things. But when we do stay put (it's never for that long), we like to give our kitchens a sense of purpose. When we cook, we cook.

To that point, we've personally amassed huge cookbook collections and now a few of the finest we've sourced lately have landed at The Trove, waiting to be lovingly splattered with culinary shrapnel in your kitchen. Check out our latest appetizing arrivals, cookbooks and ingredients that will elevate your next home cooked meal to 5 star status.

The latest and greatest resources in store for our favorite foodies. 

What everyone wants to know...

Short Stack is a series of mini cookbooks, each centered around a single ingredient. These beautiful books feature amazing recipes and original illustrations and make for lovely, thoughtful gifts. 

Drizzle this rich sauce over virtually any dessert for an instant upgrade.

Rich and tangy stone ground mustards elevate sandwiches as well as homemade dressings and marinades.

This decadent classic is what your ice cream is screaming for.

Quince and Apple, created by a husband-wife duo, makes small batch, artisan preserves and syrups. We're thoroughly addicted. 

Hungry yet? Come see us. We have a ton more ideas for boosting your meal mojo!