Naughty Needlepoint

We Trovesters totally appreciate a well placed four letter word. That's why when Julie Toles of Hedgehog Press suggested a Naughty Needlepoint workshop, we responded with an emphatic, HELL YES!

Julie brought all the necessary supplies with tons of options but when it came time to choose which message to stitch, there was a clear favorite! 

Only one of the attendees had ever attempted needlepoint prior to this workshop so we were doubly impressed with how well each of these turned out. What's more, everyone said this was a craft they would keep up with at home. Yay!

We want to give a big shout out to Julie for putting together a fun, crafter-noon in our beautiful barn, complete with Framboise Lambic drinks and tasty macarons from Proper Pastry, one of our Roanoke neighbors.

We had such a f^*k!ng blast at our Naughty Needlepoint workshop, we're going to do it again this Spring!