Chasing Slow

We Trovesters are head over heels in love with the oh so talented Erin Loechner. Her blog, Design for Mankind, has inspired us for years and now, she's given us a beautifully written book to obsess over. 

Who could have known that more would make us feel like less?
— Erin Loechner

Chasing Slow is a must-read for anyone feeling even remotely crushed by the excesses of modern life. Loechner's account of her journey from more, more, more to Chasing Slow is a delightful and engaging read and we just can't say enough good things about it (or her, quite frankly).

Loechner is an Indiana girl who is sweet, generous, kind and incredibly talented, and we're especially proud to call her a friend. We wish her nothing but joy and success as she launches her first (and please, please, please, not her last) book. 

We're beyond confident Chasing Slow is going to be the book of 2017.  We'll soon have autographed copies for sale at The Trove and sister store, The FIND, and a book signing party with Erin is in the works so stay tuned!