There's almost nothing more classically American than jeans and a T shirt. While some are too boxy, too stiff and corporately bland, it only takes looking at images of James Dean and Jackie O to see how stylish, and enduring, a simple T shirt can be. Modern options are softer than you can imagine, in cuts that flatter multiple body types and with designs that inspire, making the once humble T shirt a staple of the modern wardrobe, which can be styled in myriad ways.

Yonder T shirts are all of the above and we're thrilled to carry the brand in store. Blasting Hoosier pride with style and comfort makes us Trovesters incredibly happy! We pair ours with our favorite denim and booties, with oversized boyfriend cardis, leggings and ballet flats and even under a crisp blazer with heels. And, quite frankly, we're hard pressed to change out of our well-loved and oft-worn T's, so you'll find us cuddled up on our couches in them, too. 

Come shop our current selection of yonder t shirts. they make for great gifts for hoosiers, hometown and beyond!