Time to Get Moving

Heraclitus said, “Change is the only constant in life”, and he’s right, of course, as those ancient philosophers always seem to be. Some people fear change, while others fully embrace it. We’re more the latter, and so it is with this spirit we announce our latest news: We’re moving!

It’s been a glorious 5 years in #thenoke, and we can’t wait for the freshness of a new year and a new start. In early February 2019, we’ll be moving from our current location, just a hop and a skip down the street to 112 Main Street. We will always have a soft and fuzzy spot in our hearts for our current HQ, especially that swoon-worthy barn, but we can’t wait to pass it along to its next owners, to live its next life.

Change is good. Change helps keep us on our toes. The new space at 112 Main Street will offer us the opportunity to switch things up, make some changes, breathe new life into our work. As Roanoke continues to grow and evolve, so do we - and we’re pretty jazzed about it.

What this means is that we’ll have a little cleaning out to do, which also means we’ll be having S A L E! Yippee! Shop our holiday blow out sale starting December 27th, and after that, we’ll have a few other tricks up our sleeves.

So stay tuned, and come see us before we move. And then again after we move. Just come see us, will ya?

Cheers to change and the excitement of a new year!

Way Back When

It’s been a dizzying five years (FIVE???) since we flung open the doors of The Trove and its lovely backyard barn. We forever adore Roanoke for many reasons, but particularly because it’s been such a wonderful place to express our creativity and commune with our neighbors and fellow business owners, all in a delightful, small town setting.

Roanoke may be small but it’s big on charm, growing and deepening with every business that decides to set up shop along and around Main Street. We couldn’t be happier to have spent these last five years as a small part of its magic, and we’re beyond thrilled with what the future holds… but that’s a story for a (near) future post, friends.

In the meantime, we’re looking back at some of our adventures and realizing just how far we’ve come. Stroll down memory lane with us, will ya?

We knew these beautiful buildings had good bones, and that they only needed a little freshening up. Okay, maybe a lot of freshening up, but the work was well worth it. We’ve hosted so many sales, pop ups and parties both in our barn and on the lawn.

A fresh coat of paint can really make a big difference, huh? Once LML Estate Management put their stamp on the grounds with the most gorgeous landscaping, our little compound felt like home.

Putting on the finishing touches, and remembering how fun it was to take a raw space and fill it with all our favorite things.

The full OG crew of Trovesters on our opening night, which was a smashing success and so much fun! We’ve scattered to the wind a bit, chasing additional dreams, but as we always say, “once a Trovester, always a Trovester!”

Our first purchase was made by the lovely Sherry Holifield. | Most of the OG crew at the Atlanta buying markets one season. When shopping + drinking wine is quite literally your job, it’s easy to feel hashtag blessed. But don’t get us wrong, owning and running a retail shop is not for the faint of heart!

Naturally, there are so many stories to share and future plans to dream up. Swing by #thenoke and say Happy 5th Birthday to The Trove!

Cheers to the next five!

Happy Trails

Our beloved Trovester Kate is leaving #thenoke to fully concentrate on Trove West in Big Sky, Montana, starting July 1st. Kate has long been in love with the mountainous beauty of Montana and we wish her all the best as she spends her cold weather days skiing and her warm weather days frolicking in the fields with her husband and their sweet pups, Sadie and Mulligan.

From wine fueled planning and scheming meetings to market excursions that ended with restorative yoga (much needed after long days on our feet), we've had more than our share of fun building The Trove. So much has changed since we first opened our doors and we couldn't have predicted The Trove would have two sister stores already! Be sure to follow @trovestorewest on Instagram to keep up with Kate and to get a load of all the fun and merch they offer. And if you ever find yourself in Big Sky, be sure to swing by to say hello to our Kate and her Montana friends. 

By the by, Kate's reclaimed and sassy items will soon be leaving The Trove here in Roanoke, so if you've had your eye on something, now's the time to make hay!


We're sure going to miss you, dearest Kate! #peaceout

Trovester Travels: Texas

Trovester Jodi Golm traveled to Texas this Autumn for both a fabulous girl's getaway and an inspo-slash-buying trip for The Trove. The charming, down-home atmosphere of The Lone Star State fits right into the vibe of our lovely barn in Roanoke. We love the merch Jodi has added to our assortment and we just know you will too. Check out Jodi's Texas photo journal below for a peek at what she found in the beautiful southwest corner of our great country.

Rachel Ashwell's The Prairie (and more) in Round Top, TX

Magnolia Market in Waco, TX

No buying trip in Texas is complete without a trip to the beloved HQ of Chip and Joanna Gaines. Magnolia is everything fans of Fixer Upper could dream of...

Feeling inspired? Same.

Come shop all the new goods packed into the barn!

Introducing Our New Trovester, Jodi Golm!

Meet Jodi...

and help us welcome her to The Trove!

Jodi Golm spent years in the marketing department of a Fortune 500 company. Tired of near-constant work travel, she decided to make a switch so she could spend more time with her family. A lifelong devotee of home design and decor, Jodi started working as a designer for a local builder in August of 2010 and hasn't looked back. 

In her work for Timberlin Homes, Jodi focuses on thoughtfully designed elements, using reclaimed materials and interesting, unique details that reflect each client's taste. From rustic barn beams and shiplap to traditional tile and brick, Jodi is passionate about providing a bespoke vibe for every space and taste. 

Jodi's approach to design is all about layering. Expertly mixing styles and elements makes a well-designed house a home. "My favorite look is when nothing is purely one thing or another - a little bit farmhouse with a little industrial, vintage and antique with new. I love neutrals and prefer texture over color and tend to favor muted tones found in nature, layering them together for that much-needed pop."

When The Trove opened, Jodi "was so excited to find a place where people who love Anthropologie, Terrain and Magnolia Home could shop locally. I've been a fan of The Trove since minute one, so I'm honored to now be part of it!" 

Jodi will be bringing her signature style to #thenoke with finds from antique and vintage markets from the Midwest to Texas, and is always on the hunt for a great architectural piece. The perk of adding Jodi to The Trove mix is that since she's a designer, she can help shoppers pull together their home's look or assist in sourcing complementary pieces.

Take a peek at just a few of the items Jodi will be bringing to The Trove Barn...

Jodi and her family are currently building their forever home on Fort Wayne's north side. She says it's been interesting to be on the other side of the Timberlin building experience, which has given her an enhanced perspective for her client work. Jodi and her husband, both Fort Wayne natives, enjoy traveling, their church and school communities and driving their two busy daughters to all their activities.

Swing into #thenoke and say hello to Jodi. We're beyond thrilled to have her on Team Trove!

Sayonara 2016!

We Trovesters are a passionate bunch. We never have a lack of plans, dreams, goals and wishes, and we keep pretty busy chasing after them throughout the year. Here are just a few of the things kicking around in our heads as we rocket towards the new year...

My greatest wish is for 2017 to be politics-free. I know that’s not realistic but wishes don’t have to be, right?
— Mark
So many resolutions, so little time!

1. To give a compliment to someone new each day.
2. To strive for better eyebrows!
3. To stress less about my kids’ rooms.
4. To volunteer more.
5. To try something new in Fort Wayne each month.
6. To spend more quality time with the people I love.
— Leslie
My resolution for 2017 is to be more passionate and involved in issues that matter to me, not just random volunteering.
— Kate
My goals are to remain optimistic, to read more, to spend as much time taking care of myself as much as I take care of other people and to stay open to possibilities.
— Melani

Giving Thanks

We Trovesters are so excited for the tastiest of days, Thanksgiving! While we have a whole slate of festive shenanigans planned for this season, we always love to kick off the holidays by sharing some of our fondest memories, most favorite traditions and those highly anticipated, carb-heavy side dishes we can't wait to devour.

As a kid, we spent Thanksgiving at my Grandma and Grandpa Welker’s home. After the huge dinner that my grandma prepared all by herself, starting at 4 am, she would slip off for a nap. My dad and uncles would take the kids outside, no matter the weather, for some football. We would kick field goals over the most perfectly spaced limbs on a big tree in their front yard. I was the only girl in the bunch and I loved being part of that.
— Melani
Thanksgiving is my most favorite holiday! I love the 5 am turkey bastings, our traditional morning run with those willing to brave my brother in law’s routes, my Dad’s famous Bloody Mary’s (obscene amounts of horseradish!), group food prep, snacking from sun up to sun down, my mom’s fab carrot cake and the lively dinner conversations (avoiding politics this year). And I’m always so thankful to spend it with family members who trek from the East Coast. Bring on the food coma!
— Leslie
Some of my traditions have changed through the years, but one of my most cherished memories was serving those less fortunate at Pine Street Inn, when I lived in Boston. When I moved to Fort Wayne, I gladly signed up to serve lunch for The Boys and Girls Club. Giving back to others is so important and I’m happy to do my part. In recent years, Thanksgiving finds me traveling abroad with my family. I’m so thankful to make new, enriching and meaningful memories with them while I can.
— Kate
My memories are of a classic Thanksgiving with my family, preparing and enjoying a very traditional menu. My mother’s stuffing is always perfect and my sister makes the most heavenly ginger cookies, topped with a pumpkin spread. I dream of their signature dishes year round. After we’ve eaten way too much, we set up my mother’s Christmas decorations, including her treasured nativity scene. It’s a lovely tradition we all adore, especially my mother.
— Mark

We wish you and yours a lovely day filled with good food, lots of laughter and gratitude.

- Melani, Leslie, Kate and Mark

Proud Trovesters

We Trovesters are proud to have assembled quite the creative team. From our initial group of partners, we've added bloggers, writers, photographers and a few Jills-of-all-trades. One of these creatives is the outstanding Demi Balogun. Full-time college student (she's working on a degree in Engineering), part-time blogger slash photographer slash marketer, Demi is a powerhouse and we couldn't be happier to have her on Team Trove. When you see a gorgeous image on our Instagram account, it's pretty safe to say Demi was the one behind the camera. 

So, when Demi was tapped by Harper's Bazaar as one of this year's Fabulous at Every Age winners, we weren't surprised but we were awfully proud. We know there are so many great things in store for her because she's a beautiful person, inside and out. 

Distinctive style transcends age,” stated Tracy Margolies, Chief Merchant, Saks Fifth Avenue. “Saks Fifth Avenue is proud to support an initiative which celebrates women who defy the sartorial norms of fashion and age, without compromise. Style is timeless, and we couldn’t be happier to honor the Fabulous at Every Age reader search’s beautiful winners.
— Harper's Bazaar

The winners, from left to right: 20's Damisola Balogun, 30's Camelia Lopez Shoemaker, 40's Ashley Maynard, 50's Pamela Rama De Padua and 60's Janis Jones.

Damisola Balogun, 20 (Fort Wayne, IN) is an industrial engineering student and C
Damisola is thankful to fashion for bringing out a newfound confidence in herself and a love for being different. She prides herself on doing what she loves, which includes inspiring other women
her age.
— Harper's Bazaar

Known by friends and family as Demi, Damisola Balogun is a beauty, inside and out. 

Please join us in congratulating our gal pal Demi and congratulate us for knowing to snap her up a few years ago! We kid... Then, follow her on Instagram @itsdemib to be inspired on the daily.

Look for Demi, and the four other winners, in the November issue of Harper's Bazaar!

We're Renegades

We Trovesters started going to the now legendary Renegade Craft Fair in September of 2013, a few months before The Trove opened. Our first foray into all things Renegade occurred on Division Street in Chicago. We kicked off the day with some fantastic Bloody Mary's and thus began a beautiful and productive tradition (drinking + shopping = fun)!

Trovesters have been present at various Renegade fairs and pop-ups in a handful of spots and each one has been unique and inspiring. If you've never been, Renegade Craft Fairs are such a well-edited, high-quality makers' fair that brings together indie businesses with cool, indie- loving buyers and shoppers. It's always a scene and we always leave having made new connections, new friends and with our wallets a little (or a lot) lighter. 

Originally, we felt going to the Renegade productions in Chicago would lead us to some great Midwestern makers. While this did indeed happen, we've also met folks and businesses that hail from California, Austin and Vancouver! Renegade curates the best of the best and brings them all to our fingertips and we couldn't be more grateful for that. Lines such as Fail Jewelry, Alana Douvros, Late Sunday Afternoon, Parasol Paper Press, All Good Things and so much more, have, and still do, grace the shelves at The Trove.

Our latest Renegade adventure was in Los Angeles and while we're always good at keeping secrets, we have some exciting things making their debut in #thenoke very soon.

Go West

We are beyond thrilled to share our expansion to Big Sky, Montana. Trovester Kate, known for her passion for Montana, opened our latest outpost on June 30th, with two local partners, Hannah Johansen and Katie Craig. 

Trovesters Kate Tomkinson & Melani Wilson, with their supportive husbands in tow, worked hard (with some fun breaks in between) to get The Trove West ready for the Grand Opening.

The view of Lone Peak from the back door of The Trove West. Not too shabby!

The store is just lovely and full of indie goodies and gifts from all over these beautiful United States, including merch from both Montana and Indiana makers. If you're ever in the area, be sure to stop by to say hello!