We're Renegades

We Trovesters started going to the now legendary Renegade Craft Fair in September of 2013, a few months before The Trove opened. Our first foray into all things Renegade occurred on Division Street in Chicago. We kicked off the day with some fantastic Bloody Mary's and thus began a beautiful and productive tradition (drinking + shopping = fun)!

Trovesters have been present at various Renegade fairs and pop-ups in a handful of spots and each one has been unique and inspiring. If you've never been, Renegade Craft Fairs are such a well-edited, high-quality makers' fair that brings together indie businesses with cool, indie- loving buyers and shoppers. It's always a scene and we always leave having made new connections, new friends and with our wallets a little (or a lot) lighter. 

Originally, we felt going to the Renegade productions in Chicago would lead us to some great Midwestern makers. While this did indeed happen, we've also met folks and businesses that hail from California, Austin and Vancouver! Renegade curates the best of the best and brings them all to our fingertips and we couldn't be more grateful for that. Lines such as Fail Jewelry, Alana Douvros, Late Sunday Afternoon, Parasol Paper Press, All Good Things and so much more, have, and still do, grace the shelves at The Trove.

Our latest Renegade adventure was in Los Angeles and while we're always good at keeping secrets, we have some exciting things making their debut in #thenoke very soon.