Proud Trovesters

We Trovesters are proud to have assembled quite the creative team. From our initial group of partners, we've added bloggers, writers, photographers and a few Jills-of-all-trades. One of these creatives is the outstanding Demi Balogun. Full-time college student (she's working on a degree in Engineering), part-time blogger slash photographer slash marketer, Demi is a powerhouse and we couldn't be happier to have her on Team Trove. When you see a gorgeous image on our Instagram account, it's pretty safe to say Demi was the one behind the camera. 

So, when Demi was tapped by Harper's Bazaar as one of this year's Fabulous at Every Age winners, we weren't surprised but we were awfully proud. We know there are so many great things in store for her because she's a beautiful person, inside and out. 

Distinctive style transcends age,” stated Tracy Margolies, Chief Merchant, Saks Fifth Avenue. “Saks Fifth Avenue is proud to support an initiative which celebrates women who defy the sartorial norms of fashion and age, without compromise. Style is timeless, and we couldn’t be happier to honor the Fabulous at Every Age reader search’s beautiful winners.
— Harper's Bazaar

The winners, from left to right: 20's Damisola Balogun, 30's Camelia Lopez Shoemaker, 40's Ashley Maynard, 50's Pamela Rama De Padua and 60's Janis Jones.

Damisola Balogun, 20 (Fort Wayne, IN) is an industrial engineering student and C
Damisola is thankful to fashion for bringing out a newfound confidence in herself and a love for being different. She prides herself on doing what she loves, which includes inspiring other women
her age.
— Harper's Bazaar

Known by friends and family as Demi, Damisola Balogun is a beauty, inside and out. 

Please join us in congratulating our gal pal Demi and congratulate us for knowing to snap her up a few years ago! We kid... Then, follow her on Instagram @itsdemib to be inspired on the daily.

Look for Demi, and the four other winners, in the November issue of Harper's Bazaar!

The Art of Modern Print Publications

Print publications are folding left and right in this digital age (pun not intended however perfect). But while everyone and their mother now has a blog, there are talented photographers and writers creating gorgeous, more modern magazines. Driftless is one such example.

The brainchild of three passionate and talented women, this ad-free, indie publication highlights the food, art and culture of the Midwest. With expertly curated content, the full color issues are printed biannually and are chock full of stories, illustrations, swoon-worthy photography and design, interviews, recipes and comprehensive guides for adventurers. 

We are terribly excited to be the first stockist in Northeast Indiana to carry Driftless. We love their passion for stunning imagery, modern, minimalistic aesthetic and commitment to the art of storytelling. We're inspired by their love of this slice of America and we're proud to support Driftless as they show the world that where we call home is not just flyover country.

We just know you'll love to explore the beautiful Midwest through their lens. Pick up the latest copy of Driftless at The Trove. Want to learn more about Driftless? Click HERE