Ahem, We Have News...

So, remember back in December when we told you about how we like to embrace change and new opportunities? We’re doubling down on that point. The plans to move from the current HQ to a sweet shop just down the street have been dashed, pleasantly so, because when opportunity knocks, one must be savvy enough to answer. So, when a lovely buyer wanting to open a fresh store in Roanoke came calling, owner Melani Wilson answered with an emphatic yes!

While The Trove may cease to exist currently in a physical form, the store is most definitely not going away. Immediate plans include bulking up the website, offering brands and products you’ve come to know and love, as well as fresh pieces that will become new faves. So when you need a jolt of The Trove, you can always visit us at www.thetrovestore.com. In addition to that, other thoughts are percolating, but the outcome remains to be seen.

But let’s get down to brass tacks. This new twist means we have more inventory to sell - and at the massive discount of 60% off that’s been a smashing success already. We’re adding even more to our sale, including some fixtures and furniture not previously included. Oh, and did we mention Barefoot Dreams? And some other, not to be missed additions? If you missed out on the sale these last couple of weekends, don’t worry because we’re adding more dates. And if you’ve already shopped the moving sale, you’ll want to come back.

Come shop The Trove S A L E these next three Fridays/Saturdays:

February 8 & 9

February 15 & 16

February 22 & 23

We want to say a BIG thank you to everyone who’s ever shopped at The Trove in Roanoke. We’ve had an absolute blast and we can’t wait to begin our new adventure online, and perhaps beyond!

Ready. Set. SALE!

Yes, we're relocating just a hop and a skip down Main Street, but that doesn't make packing and moving boxes any more pleasant. So, it's S A L E time! Help us lighten our load while snagging fab merch with amazing discounts.

Starting Tuesday, January 8th, until Saturday, January 19th, everything in the store will be 40% off, with a few exclusions such as Ambre Blends and Barefoot Dreams. We'll be open our normal hours during this time.

Our final Don't Make Us Move It Sale will be on January 25th & 26th, as well as February 1st & 2nd, with inventory marked up to 75% off! The Trove will be closed during those two weeks, except for these Friday/Saturday sale days. 

We'll close our current location at the end of the day on Saturday, February 2nd. Our Grand Reopening date at our new digs has not yet been set, but rest assured we'll shout that information from the rooftops once it is. 

As you know, the early bird gets all the best stuff,
so swing into #thenoke and shop your heart out!

Time to Get Moving

Heraclitus said, “Change is the only constant in life”, and he’s right, of course, as those ancient philosophers always seem to be. Some people fear change, while others fully embrace it. We’re more the latter, and so it is with this spirit we announce our latest news: We’re moving!

It’s been a glorious 5 years in #thenoke, and we can’t wait for the freshness of a new year and a new start. In early February 2019, we’ll be moving from our current location, just a hop and a skip down the street to 112 Main Street. We will always have a soft and fuzzy spot in our hearts for our current HQ, especially that swoon-worthy barn, but we can’t wait to pass it along to its next owners, to live its next life.

Change is good. Change helps keep us on our toes. The new space at 112 Main Street will offer us the opportunity to switch things up, make some changes, breathe new life into our work. As Roanoke continues to grow and evolve, so do we - and we’re pretty jazzed about it.

What this means is that we’ll have a little cleaning out to do, which also means we’ll be having S A L E! Yippee! Shop our holiday blow out sale starting December 27th, and after that, we’ll have a few other tricks up our sleeves.

So stay tuned, and come see us before we move. And then again after we move. Just come see us, will ya?

Cheers to change and the excitement of a new year!

Barn Sale 2017

We don't go on sale often but when we do, we go BIG. This year, our barn will be loaded up with home decor, gifts, furniture, architectural details, jewelry, clothing and so! much! more!

While we pull lots of fab merch into our barn in the few hours before the sale begins, get a eensy-teensy sneak peek below at a sliver of what you'll find inside during the event:

Remember, the early bird gets all the best stuff, so grab your friends and a coffee to-go and be the first to shop our beloved barn!

Come shop our Barn Sale on September 9th from 10a - 5p. With discounts up to 50% off, you won't want to miss out!

Take note: The Roanoke Fall Festival will be in full swing on the 9th so make a day of it and enjoy all that downtown Roanoke has to offer! Get more details here.

Refresh and Revamp for 2017

Late last year, we started making plans for a revamp of The Trove; a makeover, if you will. After a handful of years in business, we felt it was time to shake things up, move things around, clear some space and make room for new obsessions. We're doing this in the digital realm as well, but that's a story for another time. 

We Trovesters have been busy bees this month, executing our carefully laid plans and coming up with new ideas on the fly. We've expanded our clothing category, given our fab selection of shoes a new, more shop-able display (look for a new outstanding summer line to be added here too!) and curated our massive jewelry selection into a dazzling array. Our ever-growing men's department, as well as our sweet and soft children's department, and our home and gift categories, received updates as well. Whew! 2017 is off to a very productive start.

Come shop the latest and greatest in clothing, accessories, home decor and gifts. And if you need extra incentive, we have two racks loaded with fantastic clothing at 50% off and a selection of shoes at 30% off!

You simply must come see us in #thenoke.

A Sneak Peek @ Our Legendary Barn Sale

We're gathering so much GREAT stuff for our annual Legendary Barn Sale, listing it all would simply take too long. So, we thought we'd share with you a few sneak peeks...

Do NOT miss our Legendary Barn Sale. From big furniture to teeny, glittering jewels, our charming barn will be packed to the rafters (ok, not literally - that would be a fire hazard) with your new favorites. Save the date, bring your friends and make a day of it in #thenoke! 

Once a year, one day only. Up to 50% off.

September 10th, 10a - 5p.