Giving Thanks

We Trovesters are so excited for the tastiest of days, Thanksgiving! While we have a whole slate of festive shenanigans planned for this season, we always love to kick off the holidays by sharing some of our fondest memories, most favorite traditions and those highly anticipated, carb-heavy side dishes we can't wait to devour.

As a kid, we spent Thanksgiving at my Grandma and Grandpa Welker’s home. After the huge dinner that my grandma prepared all by herself, starting at 4 am, she would slip off for a nap. My dad and uncles would take the kids outside, no matter the weather, for some football. We would kick field goals over the most perfectly spaced limbs on a big tree in their front yard. I was the only girl in the bunch and I loved being part of that.
— Melani
Thanksgiving is my most favorite holiday! I love the 5 am turkey bastings, our traditional morning run with those willing to brave my brother in law’s routes, my Dad’s famous Bloody Mary’s (obscene amounts of horseradish!), group food prep, snacking from sun up to sun down, my mom’s fab carrot cake and the lively dinner conversations (avoiding politics this year). And I’m always so thankful to spend it with family members who trek from the East Coast. Bring on the food coma!
— Leslie
Some of my traditions have changed through the years, but one of my most cherished memories was serving those less fortunate at Pine Street Inn, when I lived in Boston. When I moved to Fort Wayne, I gladly signed up to serve lunch for The Boys and Girls Club. Giving back to others is so important and I’m happy to do my part. In recent years, Thanksgiving finds me traveling abroad with my family. I’m so thankful to make new, enriching and meaningful memories with them while I can.
— Kate
My memories are of a classic Thanksgiving with my family, preparing and enjoying a very traditional menu. My mother’s stuffing is always perfect and my sister makes the most heavenly ginger cookies, topped with a pumpkin spread. I dream of their signature dishes year round. After we’ve eaten way too much, we set up my mother’s Christmas decorations, including her treasured nativity scene. It’s a lovely tradition we all adore, especially my mother.
— Mark

We wish you and yours a lovely day filled with good food, lots of laughter and gratitude.

- Melani, Leslie, Kate and Mark