Well, aren't you S'well?!

We Trovesters will accessorize at any and every turn. From sleek tech gadgets to the perfect salt mills in our kitchens to stylish pouches for the most mundane of items, we heart accessories. So when it comes to the ubiquitous water bottle, we want something a lot more stylish and a lot more eco-friendly. The S'well bottle hits the spot not only for it's polished silhouette but because it keeps hot liquids hot and cold liquids cold for amazing lengths of time. And because we can fit a whole bottle of wine in the 25 ounce size.


We also really love to accessorize our accessories so we simply adore A + D Monogram Designs for their durable, custom vinyl decals. Choose colors, sizes and fonts to create bespoke monograms or phrases that adhere to the bottle, ensuring your S'well stands out from the crowd!

Get thee to The Trove to snap up the latest Spring collection from s'well while you can. These sought-after babies move quickly!

Personalized Presents

There are few gifts as thoughtful as those that are personalized. Giving such an item means you've put effort and time into the gift, which is sometimes more treasured by the recipient than the item itself. We're beyond happy to have partnered with local small biz, A + D Monogram Design, to bring you fun, modern ways to customize everyday items, elevating them into stylish, coveted pieces. 

A + D Monogram Designs offers chic, clear acrylic keychains, business card holders and pencil cups for you to emblazon. Or, adorn your car door, laptop, phones and tablets or S'well bottles. With a multitude of color options and monogram styles, printed on premium adhesive nylon, the only thing holding you back is your imagination.

There's still time left to line up some personalized presents for your stylish loved ones. Stop by The Trove ASAP to get your custom monograms then just pretend you did it ages ago...

We're open Tuesday and Wednesday from 11 - 5pm and Thursday from 11 - 3pm. See you soon!