Swells of Summer

New Swell styles have arrived, just in time for summer picnics, adventures and parties al fresco!

 We adore all our Swell bottles, due to their ability to keep hot things hot for 12 hours, cold things cold for 24 hours, and all while remaining comfortable to the touch, thanks to triple walled construction.

In addition to the classic style and sizes, the company continuously introduces new models, like tumblers and travelers, as well as corresponding accessories. The latest launch is the Roamer, in 40 oz and 64 oz options. Meant for holding sharable liquids (we're thinking of our favorite IPA right now), this style is an elegant take on the growler, and pairs perfectly with the small tumblers. The Roamer also has a handle that can be clipped to backpacks, kayaks, bikes and the like, with the carabiner of your choice, making it a handy addition to every outdoor excursion.

Sip by Swell offers a more casual, cheerful take on the company's more classic bottle styles, letting personalities shine through with wide array of playful prints and bold color options. The Sip bottles hold 15 oz, hot and cold, are double-walled, and feature leak-proof cap. We're particularly smitten with the adorable donut print style the company calls Frosted, because, well, donuts.

Start prepping for summer and shop all our Swell styles. They make for great grad and dad gifts, as well! 

Well, aren't you S'well?!

We Trovesters will accessorize at any and every turn. From sleek tech gadgets to the perfect salt mills in our kitchens to stylish pouches for the most mundane of items, we heart accessories. So when it comes to the ubiquitous water bottle, we want something a lot more stylish and a lot more eco-friendly. The S'well bottle hits the spot not only for it's polished silhouette but because it keeps hot liquids hot and cold liquids cold for amazing lengths of time. And because we can fit a whole bottle of wine in the 25 ounce size.


We also really love to accessorize our accessories so we simply adore A + D Monogram Designs for their durable, custom vinyl decals. Choose colors, sizes and fonts to create bespoke monograms or phrases that adhere to the bottle, ensuring your S'well stands out from the crowd!

Get thee to The Trove to snap up the latest Spring collection from s'well while you can. These sought-after babies move quickly!

Go Camping!

We Trovesters just live to travel. We explore high and low, near and far and we won't rest until we see all corners of this amazing planet. While some of our adventures are far flung, there's nothing quite like a little camping in the good old USA. Whether your idea of camping involves chopping wood and sleeping under the stars or not-quite-roughing it in a charming, rustic cabin with proper cocktailing accessories, we have the coolest and most stylish provisions for your outdoor exploits. And if you just want to decorate as if you're outdoorsy, we can help you with that too. 

Come shop our selection of Izola pine scented pillows, Swell travel bottles and cool Esperos canvas backpacks. 

A great many people, and more all the time, live their entire lives without ever once sleeping out under the stars.
— Alan S. Kesselheim, Let Them Paddle: Coming of Age on the Water