Life, Liberty & the Pursuit of Style

We Trovesters just love the 4th of July. What could be better than celebrating Independence Day with friends, family, fireworks and a good old American cookout? The Trove is stocked with locally made sauces, cocktail mixers, barware, the most charming flasks, sweaters, backpacks and loads of home decor that would make Betsy Ross beam with pride. Let your heart ring true for the red, white and blue with just a few of our favorites below.

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Stars & Stripes Forever!

Here's what we Trovesters love the most about America's birthday:

Kate: We have a new tradition of spending the 3rd of July with 6 other couples at the Continental Divide where we sing all our favorite patriotic songs. It's a fun evening filled with lots of love for our country and some of our dearest friends. 

Kim: The 4th of July is all about the revelrous celebration of our nation's birth. Thus, it's all about the fireworks, baby! Cue Katy Perry...

Melani: Nothing says 4th of July to me like all those cute red, white and blue desserts --- I love them all. I cap the night with fireworks on the beach while sipping a rosé, feeling grateful for family and neighbors. 

Mark: I love the long weekend at the lake with roaring bonfires and a tasty potluck BBQ. Simple and lovely. 

Leslie: I love to be out on the lake in an old fishing boat under a banner of pyrotechnics, listening to Neil Diamond's rendition of My Country Tis of Thee. I was raised in the military so the 4th of July is a fun holiday as well as a celebration of friends and families who've given so much to our country.

We wish you all a fantastic and safe holiday!