Local honeys from Second Chance Farm

Trovester Kate Tomkinson, in addition to gracing the shop with amazing inventory you all know and love, is an experienced and accomplished backyard beekeeper, having started her career in 2009. Kate was the winning bidder on a package that provided her with all the accoutrement needed to get started, including a hive and beekeeper's suit. She took to it beautifully and has been producing sweet, golden honey ever since. Beekeeping is an involved and intricate business but one that Kate finds so rewarding. Every year she learns something new, encounters a new parasite or virus and has had varying degrees of success with her yield.

Kate's concern for the plight of our nation's bees was the driving force behind her winning bid. Between pesticides used in agriculture as well as ever increasing viruses, a greater focus and concern for the well being of the bee population is vital for our crops, thus our food supply. Bees are extremely important to our ecosystem and without them our fruits and vegetables would be in grave danger.

Due to the increasing availability of local and organic honeys at grocery stores, farmer's markets and farm stands, Kate decided to get inventive with her Second Chance Farm honeys. She combined her honey with cinnamon and balsamic vinegar, creating a delicious Balsamic Glaze that's thick and slightly sweet, great for Caprese salads, fish, meat and even ice cream! Kate's latest concoctions involve blending some of her husband's most treasured fine liquors to create Scotch Infused and Bourbon Infused honeys that have become wildly popular. Spread these honeys on toast or biscuits or drizzle into your tea. Don't worry --- the alcohol content in these amazing honeys is minimal. 

All of Kate's Second Chance Farm honeys are sold at The Trove and are delicious treats for your own kitchen and make wonderful hostess gifts.