Recent Faves: iPhone Apps for Dining

What iPhone apps do you reach for over and over again?  What ones really do help and make your life better or easier or more entertaining?

Here are some of my faves in the dining department.  I used these all regularly:

1.  OpenTable:  Makes life so easy.  Really.  If you have ever needed to make reservations for a trip and the time zones are different.  If you want to see all of your choices for a particular date and time all at once and not have to call multiple restaurants, Open Table does the trick.  One of my #1 most used apps.  It would be a crying shame if you have a smart phone and don’t have this app.


2.  LocalEats:  If you don’t know much about the restaurants in a locale and want to make some decisions based on category, Local Eats is a great tool.  I love knowing what the top breakfast place might be in a given city. I’m going to Detroit soon and know nothing about the food scene there.  Local Eats is helping me narrow it down.

An example of the types of categorization happening on Local Eats

An example of the types of categorization happening on Local Eats

3.  Map Muse–D, D, & D.  This app is a special interest map locater that finds all of the restaurants viewed on “Diners, Drive-ins and Dives.”  A friend recommended it and said they did some good eating on a family vacation driving down to Florida.  I plan on giving it a work out over the next 18 months as we hit the road visiting colleges with our son.

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4 & 5. Speciality apps–Starbucks and In n Out.  Both these apps help me when I need it–Starbucks locates stores for me, allows me to pay on my phone and re-load my card while I wait in line, keep track of the complex drink favorites of various friends.  It’s all good.  In N Out is also a locater and it’s free and you never know where you might be and need to know the closest route to a classic burger!  Plus check out the “not so secret” menu.  An urban legend debunked.

6.  Yelp.  Last but not least.  Yelp does help to narrow it all down!  Some great restaurants don’t have web sites, but Yelp can let you know what diners think.  Restaurants are just a small part of its knowledge base.



Download these now if you are human and you enjoy eating.  They will only add to your enjoyment!