Fitbit–The Zip Wireless Activity Tracker

I bought a Fitbit awhile back and loved it!  It loved me back–said hello to me and offered encouragement–yes I know it is a little mechanical device, but every little bit counts, right?  I loved how it seamlessly integrated with the MyFitnessPal app and the Fitbit app.  A great tool for recognizing where you can improve with health and fitness and a great, entertaining way to stay on track.



I was having such good luck with my original model and then, one day, I lost it!  I was traveling when it happened and I really wanted to see how many miles we were hoofing it every day.

Today, I decided to replace it–I figured I’d done enough penance and I’d saved my pennies to get a new one–they aren’t the cheapest pedometers on the planet.  Lo and behold there is a new model and a much more reasonable price!  The Zip!!!!  It seems that the only feature it doesn’t have is the sleep monitor.  I’m OK with that as I sleep like a baby.



If you already use Fitbit and any apps, let me know which ones you like.  I’d love to hear from you!

Official Fitbit Store – Welcome.