Backpack, Backpack!

Channel your inner Dora the Explorer and go hands-free with a durable and stylish backpack that also gives back to children in the developing world, who don't have access to meaningful or safe education opportunities. ESPEROS donates a percentage of each sale to help fund global education efforts so your purchase helps bridge this very wide educational gap. 


Designed in Austin, Texas, ESPEROS bags feature water and stain resistant, military-grade canvas, thoughtful and stylish details like their signature railroad stripe lining and cleverly placed pockets. The bags are machine washable and the cotton canvas material, free from harmful chemicals and dyes, gets more unique and better looking with use and age. These ethically manufactured totes and backpacks are clean and classic and work for students, adventurers and professionals alike.


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Imaginary Authors

Fragrance is always a very personal purchase. Certain notes can sing to your soul while others fall flat. Blending various notes to create unique fragrances that evoke emotion and captivate the senses takes immense knowledge and expert skill so it's not often we run across an indie perfume brand that hits the notes perfectly. That pun was intended, by the way...

Out of Portland, Oregon comes Imaginary Authors, a niche line for women and men with fragrances that are complex and layered, just like a favorite novel. The lines boasts 11 fragrances, each with evocative names and poetic stories that go along with them. We love spending time on their website because reading about each unique fragrance feels like into tucking into a good book.

One of our favorites is Yesterday Haze, which contains notes of fig, iris, cream tonka, tree bark, walnut bitters and orchard dust. Says the website:

"The seductive, dreamlike quality of this scent works like a magnet. Use it liberally during the day and, as it lingers into night, watch as those around you are lured into your sphere."

Sounds good to us!

Pictured from left: Cape Heartache | Yesterday Haze | The Soft Lawn

Life is a series of blank pages and it is up to one’s self whether to fill those pages with tedious prose or wildly imaginative storylines.
— Josh Meyer, Imaginary Authors perfumer


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