Rewined Candles are a mix of some of our favorite things: creativity, gorgeously scented candles, eco responsibility and (last but not least) wine. The South Carolina company transforms used wine bottles into containers for premium soy wax candles with lush, (ha!) custom-blended fragrances. Each candle is poured and labeled by hand, with the individual candlemaker's stamp of approval. But wait, there's more!

Rewined has added bar soaps to their line and we love lathering up with these beauties. In scents like Pinot Noir, Rosé and Champagne (how apropos), we know you'll adore them, too. These handcrafted, small batch bars are cold processed and crafted with natural, nourishing ingredients like olive, coconut and soybean oils.

Upgrade your lather game! Come to #thenoke to peep these fab soaps (and candles) by one of our favorite makers. 

Talk Herby To Me

Skin is the body's largest organ. Thus, it's vital we take great care of it. We Trovesters believe skincare is best when it's as natural as possible while still being effective. While we've come across many skincare lines in our travels, we are especially impressed with Herbivore Botanicals. The range includes luxurious products, full of pure, highly concentrated, non-toxic ingredients. We'll be honest and say we also fell madly in love with the simply gorgeous packaging. 

Indulge in the highest quality facial oils, sea salts that infuse bath water with nourishing and soothing minerals and an aprés sun hydrator for thirsty and overheated skin.

Restore vitality to skin with luxurious facial oils, formulated with beneficial vitamins and essential oils.

With lavender and eucalyptus essential oils as well as Cambrian Blue clay, the Detox Bath Salts help to clear body and mind.

Bamboo Charcoal and Pink Clay soaps cleanse as well as draw out impurities without stripping skin of moisture, for both face and body.

A hydrating facial mist is a must-have for supple, radiant skin and can be spritzed throughout the day, even over makeup. Body oils provide skin with advanced hydration and a subtle glow.

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