Major Style, Minor History

We Trovesters know the value of a handbag which features both form and function and we're suckers for timeless, chic style. We get all of that from Minor History, a leather goods brand known for high quality staples with a modern twist. 

We feel comfortable calling this slim crossbody style one of the top IT bags, of this season and many more to come. The sleek silhouette, in supple leather, and slim pockets that hold all the essentials without adding bulk makes this hands-free style a workhorse for the daily grind as well as fun-filled weekends. 

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Majorly in Love with Minor History

The aesthetic of minor history leather goods is right up our alley: clean lines, fine quality and terribly chic. these modern accessories will be your favorites for years to come, and quite possibly, for generations to come. 

These handbags, clutches and small goods reign supreme at The Trove, with interesting details like hand painted geometric designs and perforation. Minor History embodies timeless design with a modern edge and its pared-down silhouettes are the perfect accent to virtually all ensembles.

The name Minor History evokes our aesthetic—which is both serious and playful—as well as our inspiration. The ephemera we carry around in our bags, purses, and wallets eventually become a part of our lives, as do the bags, purses and wallets themselves. They travel with us, and share our experiences. The materials comprising each bag—bespoke leather and pure, un-lacquered brass—also naturally change and take on a patina over time. There is and will be history, however minor, in every piece.
— Minor History

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Spring Style Edit

Spring 2016 is all about supple leathers, natural tones and luxurious fabrics in soft silhouettes for the ultimate in comfort and ease but without sacrificing style. It's boho-chic with a clean, modern twist and we couldn't be happier about what we have in store for you at The Trove. Gauzy tunics pair perfectly with well-worn, well-loved denim. Burnished accessories sparkle against fringed handbags and leather It-Girl sandals that work for day or night. Keep hair and makeup simple, with an emphasis on glowing skin (we can help in that department, too) and you're good to go for a stylish, carefree Spring in the Heartland!