A Brazilian Twist

We freely admit we have a girl crush on food babe, Cynthia Presser. And with all this talk about Rio these days, the Brazilian chef has been on our mind. We met Cynthia (pronounced Seen-Cha) when she was living in Fort Wayne. She delighted us with her sparkling personality and her talent and flair in the kitchen. Now, she and her family live in Tampa, Florida and she regularly appears on the Today Show as their Brazilian cooking expert.

Cynthia's cook book, Cooking with a Brazilian Twist, is a compilation of her 100 best recipes. The recipes are fantastic and easy to follow and the book itself if full of vibrant images and is oh-so coffee-table worthy! Cynthia's philosophy is that cooking should be fun and through her website, book, events and social media accounts, she shares that signature Brazilian flair of hers that we adore.

While we can't just hop on a flight to exotic locales whenever we want, we can dish up some tasty global fare. Which is perhaps the next best thing to traveling...

Read more about the amazing Cynthia on her website.

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