Hug Your Mother

Much has been said about mothers. We all have one. Some of us are one. A mother, whether biological or chosen, is a complex creature to be celebrated with much festivity! She should be showered with hugs and kisses, festooned with jewels and given a bottomless goblet of wine. She deserves it and you know it. And while she's probably worthy of this treatment daily, it's at least customary to shout your love from the rooftops on one particular day each May. This is where we come in. We Trovesters know just what your mother wants this year. We know because we filled the store with pieces WE want and 90% of us Trovesters are mothers. Start with a card (we're partial to the one below) and add on from there with a thoughtful piece of delicate jewelry, something sweet like local honey or a luxuriously soft wrap that feels like a hug. 

We have so much good stuff in store, come shop The Trove for the fabulous, dedicated, loving mothers in your life!