Found: Lou Zeldis

  Since its inception, Trove has carried the products of Lou Zeldis, an artist and nomad.   Zeldis was born in America, and in his early years worked as a traveling theatre actor.   Zeldis' wanderlust took him all over the world, where he cultivated his personal collection to commemorate his travels.

These travel mementoes catalyzed his interest in jewelry, and soon after he began researching primordial charms, seeking to create his own. A self-trained artist, he was uninhibited by any kind of formulaic craft structure but instead preferred to experiment with the juxtaposition of different objects.  Think found stones and beach glass combined with 22k gold leaf and handmade silver chain.   A trip to the warehouse holding Lou's treasures can be daunting.  A room of Ikat textiles, a room of Balinese baskets, box after box of Batiks, not to mention the jewelry--it is an overwhelming, yet exhilarating task to sort through.  Just the sort of job we love to do!  

Zeldis passed away in 2012.  He is consistently described as a man who's generosity and love for life was infectious, who rejoiced in the beauty of the world and of people.  Trove is proud to bring his magical jewelry, basketry, and textiles to our customers.  They are truly one-of-a-kind, last-of-their-kind items.